The griqua people originatesfrom the Gri griqua people near Saldanahbay. 

After the release of Adam Kok I he resided at Bushmanskloof Piketberg and gathered free slaves and khoi and Bushman (San) people. Adam Kok I named his tribe the BASTARDS. 

He later received the staff of (Kapteinskap) Captainship from Kleinman Koopman, and later recognized by the Dutch VOC at the Castle of Goodhope at Capetown.

Bushmanskloof became Kapteinskloof near Piketberg. Due to grazing rights and the influx of the Dutch and Boere he moved over the Knersvlakte (Knersvalley) and resided at Stinkfontein from there to Pella.

Kapteinskloof become Banghoek. Some of his people moved over the garieb (Orange) River and settle at Rehoboth other moved to Klaarwater. 

With the arrival of the Missionaries, William Anderson advice Adam Kok II and Barend Barendse to named the tribe Griqua's. On this day a sovereign state was form Griqualand west with Griquatown as head office. 

A state with its own laws, the 12 Griqua laws was implemented with three (3) magistrates, a flag and own monetary system in place.

A nation whom believed in democracy.